4 Mile Lake

4 Mile LakeJune - October

Located at the base of scenic Mount McLoughlin, 4 Mile Lake’s pristine views, crystal clear water and 2 prolific species to fish for make this one of our favorites. Mackinaw (Lake Trout), Brook Trout, Rainbows and Kokanee all inhabit the deep clear waters of 4 Mile Lake.

A 10 mph speed limit is in place which keeps skiers off the water and fishing premium. Favorite patterns throughout the year at 4 Mile Lake are chironomids, leeches, carey specials, carpenter ants, calibatis, damsels and caddis. Oh yeah, don’t forget mosquitoes! All mountain lakes have a healthy population of mosquitoes. Just be prepared with deet when on the shore. When you are on the water they seem to disappear.
4 Mile Lake

Guests usually fish from the boat but wading is also an option. 

Fishing trips are not without inherent risks.  ROE Outfitters LLC cannot assume responsibility for injury to hunting / fishing / rafting / kayaking / canoeing / boating / snowshoeing / birdwatching / hiking and rental participants or loss of personal property. You will be required to sign a participant waiver and release prior to your trip.

4 Mile Lake Quick Facts
Species Kokanee, Brook Trout, Mackinaw (Lake Trout), and Rainbow Trout  
Season June - October
Peak Season June - October
Live Water Levels Click here
Rates $450 per boat/day (2 people per boat)
Method chironomids under indicators, stripping leech patterns, chironomids, calibaetis, ants, damsels, dragonflies, and trolling
Hatches chironomids, caddis, and calibaetis